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Apple launched MacBook Air with Retina Display, iPad Pro, Mac Mini



Apple launched MacBook Air with Retina Display, iPad Pro, Mac Mini

Apple announce news iPad Pro , MacBook Air, Mac Mini at event in Brooklyn on Tuesday. including updates to its entry level Book Air laptop and Mac Mini desktop.

Tim Cook talked about the Mac, called the one of the most essential creative tools. And showed a bunch of photos of creative ways in which people use the Mac.

Cook revealed that more than 100 million active install, He called the most beloved notebook ever about the MacBook Air. The Macbook Air has high resolution Retina Display, with 13.3 inch display no Aluminium bezels. there is black border around the display but the glass extends to the edge of the screen.


Apple said that a new version of the Mac Book Air, originally released in 2011, will feature a higher resolution display and thinner bezels and starts at $1,199.

A small desktop customers provide their own display and accessories for, would feature more processing power and memory capacity and start at $799.


MacBook Mini will have up to 64GB of RAM and Devices fits in the palm of your hand ships with up to 2TB SSD. It has Ethernet post and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity as well. Mac Mini available with Intel’s 8th Generation processor with yo ti six cores.


Mac Mini will be available from 7th of Nov and can be order from today. Apple also introduce the new Apple’s iPad Pro, its higher end tablet computer that competes with the Microsoft Surface. Thinner Bezels and more screen , along with the face unlock system found on Apple’s new iPhones.

Mika Kitagawa , a senior principal research analyst said that They are really wanted to show the world they have not forget about the iPad and the Mac.

MacBook Air:

Macbook Air included feature 13.3 inch edge to edge retina display.

It has Touch ID that allows users to unlock the device with the scan of a fingerprint.

Touch ID fingerprint reader to unlock the device and to unlock third party password manages such as 1Password.

Apple’s T2 chip for secure storage of files and data.

Support Hey Siri command to launch the voice assistant.

Force trackpad with 20 per cent more surface area.

it has three mic array for better Group FaceTime experience.

Device has two thunderbolt port 3.0 ports for data transfer, charging, HDMI outs, external display etc.

It has Intel 8th Generation Core i5 processor with up to 16GB of RAM and up to 1.5TB SSDs.

It has 17 per cent less volume than older one.

Mac Mini:

Mac mini desktop computer that connects too an external monitor with up to 64GB of memory and works five times faster than its predecessor.

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