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Apple Watch Series 6’s most popular smartwatch in the world: Report



Apple Watch Series 6's most popular smartwatch in the world: Report

The Apple Watch Series 6 is the world’s most popular smartphone model, according to the report. Apple led the global smartwatch market, with about 9.5 million Apple Watches shipped by June this year.

The rest of the smartwatch segment was captured by Xiaomi, Oppo and Fitbit, accounting for about 28.2% market share.

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Director at Strategy Analytics, Neil Mawston said, We estimate Apple Watch shipped 9.5 million units worldwide in Q2 2021.

Rising 46 percent from 6.5 million in Q2 2020. The company holding steady around the 52 percent level.

Why Apple Watch Series 6 World’s most popular:

Apple Watch Series 6 is the world’s most popular smartwatch due to its blend of sleek design, good usability on a small screen, and a growing portfolio of health and fitness apps.

The report also claims that, the global smartwatch shipments leaped by 47% annually from 12.3 million units in Q2 2020 to 18.1 million in Q2 2021 and that the smartwatch sales are getting back to pre-pandemic levels now, helped mostly by online sales.

The report also says that this is the fastest growth the smartwatch sector has seen since 2018.

The company expected to reveal the next Apple Watch Series 7 with the new iPhones on September 14.


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