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Beware!! Fake Flipkart, Amazon Clones are Trying to Scam People



Beware!! Fake Flipkart, Amazon Clones are Trying to Scam People

A number of fake Flipkart and Amazon India clones have started showing up in social media ads.

We haven’t come across these ads so far, one of our readers has sent us a couple of screenshots of these scam ads showing up on their Facebook feed.

The ad hopes to fool people into thinking they might actually score an iPhone 11 for Rs. 4,999. That in itself is a huge indication that this isn’t a legit website.

However, one might be tempted to take a look at the deal, which is what these scam ads want after all.

Also, in order to trick consumers into thinking the ad is actually from Flipkart, the URL below the ad is ‘’, and the name says ‘Filpkart Sales’.

At first glance one might not notice that it doesn’t say Flipkart at all.

The URLs redirect to a really poorly done clone of the Flipkart website, complete with the ‘Explore Plus’ badge under the site logo.

Naturally, I tried to see what happens if I actually try to buy something off this website.

One, the search box doesn’t work. Neither does the hamburger menu. There are a couple of phones to choose from and when you click on Buy Now, you can fill up your address, phone number, and then proceed to payment. At that point, the website got stuck on a redirect.

In most cases clone websites have problems such as the ones we saw with this particular Flipkart clone. They look different, things might not work properly, etc.

However, if a website looks perfect to you, but the deal is just too good to be true, take a look at the URL.

This can’t be faked. You can’t have ‘’ or ‘’ pointing to a different website than the original.

Sometimes scammers try and get around this by using subdomains to trick you.

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