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Bluetooth Details: New Features added in Bluetooth 5.1



Bluetooth Details: New Features added in Bluetooth 5.1

Bluetooth is the wireless communication technology, with the help of Bluetooth allows devices like Mobile phones, computers and peripherals to transmit information wirelessly over the short distance. The main motto is the replace the cables and communicate securely.

The names came from Harald Bluetooth, He was Danish king, and said to the unite disparate, warring regional factions. Like Haralnd Bluetooth, The Technology bring together a broad range of devices across the world.

The Main Features:

  • It is less complication
  • less power consumption
  • Available at cheaper rates
  • Robustness
  • It can handle free headset for incoming calls, printing and fax, automatic synchronization

What is Bluetooth 5.1 & What’s the new features added

Bluetooth 5.1 version brings new direction-finding features that will let Bluetooth pinpoint the physical location to the centimeter, aiding in indoor positioning. The ability to identify the direction of transmitting Bluetooth device form the receiving antenna.


Directional location finding has the potential to improve Bluetooth location based service. Other service can be used for positioning like Wi-fi, GPS, RFID and NFC.

Features of Bluetooth 5.1:

Pinpoint Location:

It can be use to find out [how far away a device (Smartphone, smartwatch) with the help of signal. This was just announced by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. The positioning system can now able to find the direction of a Bluetooth signal, the distance and direction and it can be search the precise location of the device down.

There are two different method to find out the direction names Angle of Arrival and Angle of Departure. You can guess the idea about the exact location with the help of smartphones.

Less Power consumption & Faster Connection:

Bluetooth device a technology called Generic Attribute Profile or GATT, this is why it is taking low energy. Bluetooth 5.1 performances more aggressive caching, you can skip the service discovery stage when nothing has changed.

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Improvement in Connection advertising:

The word advertising stand as how a Bluetooth device is broadcasts. Bluetooth 5.1 uses an new features called randomized advertising channel indexing. It required devices to cycle 37,38, 39 in strict order. It has ability for devices to synchronize their scanning for connection with the advertising schedules of another device.

If you are using Bluetooth to connect your smartphone to a TV, the TV can let your phone know when it will advertise through a data field called ‘SyncInfo’. As such, your phone will no longer need to constantly scan for the TV. On the other hand, it will know precisely when the TV will broadcast its availability.

Dual Audio:

A new features that allow users to play audio on two connected devices at the same time. You can have pairs of wireless headphones connected your phone, stream audio to both device at the same time. Its mean you can play two speaker with different rooms with the help of dual features.

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Limitation of Bluetooth:

There are various limitation of Bluetooth, the first is that it can be a drain battery power for mobile wireless devices like smartphones, though as the technology has improved, this problem this problem is less important that it used to be.

Limited range, Usually extending only about 30 feet, which is very low as compare with other technology.

Slow transfer Rate:

Rate of data transfer between Bluetooth devices is near 3 Mbps, which is much lower than Wi-fi technology (54 Mbps). However in Bluetooth 3.0, speed increased to 24 Mbps by using a Bluetooth connection to set up a separate wi-fi connection

Distance Limitation:

Most Bluetooth device are class 2 device, And the range of class 2 of about 10 meters (around 30 feet). However in class 1 Bluetooth device range will increase to 100 meters.


Bluetooth works in 2.4 GHz radio band, It is same as unlicensed frequency. Is many devices with the same range with same frequency, It can be lead to overall network problem. Bluetooth signal was designed to change its frequency many times per second to reduce the interference.

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