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CamScanner App removed from Google Play Store for Advertising Malware



CamScanner App removed from Google Play Store for Advertising Malware

CamScanner has been removed from Google Play Store after found to come with an advertisement malware. The app which had been on Android since 2010, had already surpassed the 100 million download mark.

Kaspersky researchers, CamScanner’s recent version shipped with an advertisement library containing a malicious module. A malicious Trojan-Dropper module that had the potential to show intrusive ads signed users up for the paid subscription. It has been found as “Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n“, previously observed in some Chinese apps.

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Kaspersky says that the module can extract and run another malicious module form an encrypted file that’s included in the app’s resources. The app developers have now removed code with the latest update, however, the version may vary for a different smartphone.

The Version below and version beyond 5.12.20190830 as do not contain the malware so there can be safely used if you still absolutely need to.

Google Play Store has been weeding out apps for engaging in malicious behavior ranging from ad fraud to seeding harmful code. The latest app to get booted from the Play Store is CamScanner.

CamScanner was found to contain malware that could seed ads and prompt users into signing up for paid services. The evidence from the fact that users lately started reporting that CamScanner showed intrusive ads signed them up for paid memberships without their own consent.

CamScanner Tweet, Its advertising partner AdHub is who that needs to be blamed. It has removed all the ad SDKs not certified by Google Play Store and that a new version of its Android app will be released.

If you already have CamScanner downloaded on your Android device. You should delete it until a fixed version gets listed. CamScanner app for iOS is just fine and malware-free and is available for download in the App Store.

Source: Kaspersky

Story: IndiaToday

Additional Inputs: NDTVGadgets

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