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Coronavirus: Apps to Help You Fight the Isolation of COVID-19 Lockdown



Coronavirus: Apps to Help You Fight the Isolation of COVID-19 Lockdown

The tedium of isolation, as we lockdown to protect ourselves and our families, is the one certainty of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic we must all learn to live with.

We are all in this together. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, the chances are, our experiences will all be pretty much the same at this moment. The coming weeks and months are going to be difficult for everyone. However, if “shelter in place” is the worst thing to impact on our lives during this period, we can be grateful for the lack of drama.

Arogaya Setu:

Arogaya setu helps identify possible coronavirus patients, COVID-19 hotspots and share necessary precautions. The app has four options: Your Status, Self-Assess, Covid-19 updates and e-pass which is an upcoming feature. Status tells the status if the person is infected or not.

Simply Local:

Simply Local, is India’s first decentralized community app to help government authorities and RWAs gain community control over the disease.

The App is helping communities bridge the information gap required to fight Covid-19 in their respective societies and connects people so that they are apprised about the situation and prepared as per the situation.

Simply Yoga:

Simply Yoga keeps it simple by offering a few routines and over 30 poses. You can choose from different sessions ranging from 20, 40, or 60-minute as you to the next level.


UMANG provides a single platform for all Indian Citizens to access pan India e-Gov services ranging from Central to Local Government bodies and other citizen-centric services.


On the hand IMumz helps expecting mothers during the lockdown. The app host live AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions to address queries of pregnant women with the help of more than 100 experts including obstetricians, nutritionists, yoga and mental health experts.

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