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Coronavirus: Govt Launches Covid-19 Tracker App to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19



Coronavirus: Govt Launches Covid-19 Tracker App to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

The Government of India has come up with cutting-edge technology to save people from this medical pandemic. The National e-Governance Division of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has developed a location-based COVID-19-tracking app.

Called Corona Kavach, the app has been designed to track not only COVID-19 patients, but everybody who might have come in contact with them and others who tested positive for the virus.

Developed jointly by MeitY and the Health Ministry, Corona Kavach, or Corona Shield, will use GPS tracking to chart the recent locations visited by any user and if any of those locations match with the location data of known positive cases, it will trigger an alert.

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The app claims to guide users based on their health status, with Green indicating all’s good, Brown indicating that the user should see a doctor, Yellow indicating that they should immediately quarantine themselves and red meaning a positive COVID-19 case, Beebom Reported.

The mobile application, however, does not share the name or any other identity of the Corona positive person who came in close proximity of the user.

The app has been developed by Niti Aayog and is available for download for Android users on Google Play Store. For Apple users the iOS version of Corona Kavach is coming soon.

Features of Corona Kavach App:

  • Alert users if they are near a COVID-19 infected patient
  • Monitor the status of the community spread of Coronavirus through users’ location
  • Send notifications to users who have been in close contact with anyone tested positive for COVID-19

Colour Coding:

Green: You never came in close proximity of Corona patients

Yellow: You came in close proximity of Corona positive person

Red: You have been declared Corona positive after tests

Via: abplive

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