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Deepfake App Zao goes Viral, faces Privacy immediate Backlash



Deepfake App Zao goes Viral, faces Privacy immediate Backlash

A Chinese app that lets users convincing swap their faces with film or TV characters has rapidly become one of the country’s most download apps. Zao, a free Deepfake face-swapping app that’s able to place your likeness into a scene from hundreds of movies and TV shows.

According to Bloomberg, App was released on Friday. And rapidly crossed and top of the free charts on the Chinese iOS App Store. Everyone is going crazy about it but the app also received immediate backlash for its privacy policies.

Users provide a series of selfies in which they blink, move their mouths and make facial expressions. Which the app uses to realistically morph the person’s animated likeness on the movies, TV shows or other contents.

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Allan Xia tweet that a neat demonstration of what the app is capable of yesterday with a 30-second clip of their face replacing Leonardo Dicaprio infamous moments from several of his films.

According to Xia, the clips were generated in under eight seconds from just a single photograph. However, Bloomberg notes that the app can also guide you through the process of taking a series of a photograph.

Zao has shot to among the top free app list on the App Store within a week of its launch. But its listing is now being bombarded with negative comments because of one reason. Zao faced instant backlash from privacy enthusiasts- much like Face App.

The Zao app controversy to the one that surrounded FaceApp earlier this year, when the face-aging app again went viral in July. The apps’ developer was forced to clarify its privacy policy. And to offer users the option of deleting their photos off its servers if they wished.

Source: The Verge

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