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European Union fines Google $5 Billion for putting own apps in Android Phone



European Union fines Google $5 Billion for putting own apps in Android Phone

The European Union slapped a fine of 4.34 billion Euros on Google for abusing the dominance of its Android operating system in the region on Wednesday. Google said in a statement that it would the ruling, arguing against the EU’s view that its software is restrictive of fair competition.


European officials says Google’s aren’t company has unfairly favored its own service by forcing smartphone makers to pre-install Google apps, Chrome and Search in the bundle with its app store, Play.


Google violet competition rules by paying phone makers to exclusively pre install Google search on their devices and preventing them selling phones that run other modified version of Android.


EU confirmed that Google fined $ billion , in response to technology giant’s operating software Android, braking the European antitrust laws.


Vestager stated in press conference “Google has used Android as a vehicle to cement its dominance as the search engine”, something that has denied European consumers choice and business the ability to innovate.


Google argues that its Android OS, which manufactures don’t have to pay to install on mobile devices, actually boosted competition among smartphone and resulted in lower prices. The Allegation that it hurt the third party apps by highlighting its own is unture because manufacture install all sorts of app on the devices and consumers have the option to download any apps they want.


The ruling was issued to protect European consumers, The EU commissioner for the competition Margrethe Vestager told CNBS, They have products that we all like and like to use, she said. The only thing we do not like is when they get to misuse their success and put in place illegal restrictions.


Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in a blog, the commission ignored the fact that Android phones compete with iOS phones, adding that decision did not consider the choice Android offers to phone makers, mobile network operators, app developers and consumers.


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