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Facebook may bring unsend feature in Messenger, Users can removes sent message



Facebook may bring unsend feature in Messenger, Users can removes sent message

Facebook will be soon rolled out the Unsend feature in Messenger that would allow users to retract sent message, this is not only from the inboxes but also delete from the entire chat, the Media reported.

We previously confirmed that we intend to ship a feature like this and are still planning to do so, TechCrucnh quote a Facebook spokesperson as said.


Facebook had rolled out the Delete for everyone feature to all WhatsApp users in the last year. Compony is working on the feature for Messenger.

When Mark Zukerberg retract the messages form the recipient inboxes, some of the users saw the move as a violation of user’s trust and abuse of power since Messenger does not have an Unsend feature.


The following morning, Facebook announced that it will build a feature in the Messenger that can let users unsend the sent message. Six months after the incident, tipster Jan Manchun Wong was able to take screenshots of what’s apparently a prototype of the unsend button in the messenger Android code.


as of now, there is no way to delete messages form the inbox of its recipients. with this feature , users can remove a message from both sides of the conversation.


And The current prototype feature having time limit- giving uses  a certain amount of time after they send a message to unsend it, reported added.

Facebook owned company Instagram already supports the Unsend feature and allows users to delete sent message for all participates in the personal or group chat.

Mobile researcher and tipster Jan Manchun Wong reportedly managed to generate screenshots of a prototype Unsend button form the Messenger’s Android code. The code having certain time limit after sen the message.

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