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Fake anti-virus apps spotted on Google Play Store



Fake anti-virus apps spotted on Google Play Store

Apps with names like Virus Cleaner Antivirus security and which appear to be genuine anti-virus or virus-removal apps have been spotted on Google Play Store. And have seen over a lakh download already, Reported by Quick Heal Security Labs.

These AV apps mimic the functionality of a real AV app and have functions like scan device for viruses. And the main aim of these purposes is to show advertisements and increase the download counts.

These apps do not have any AV engine or scan capabilities except a predefined list of Apps marked as malicious or clean.

The fake anti-virus app contains predefined package lists – whiteList.json with few whitelist package names, blackListPackages.json with few blacklist package names and blackListActivities.json with a list of blacklisted activities.

It also contains a list of predefined permission and uses it to show risks associated with other apps. It also checks installed packages names against the pre-defined static whitelists.

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These fake AV Apps don’t have any functionality related to malware scanning or identifying any other security issues. These apps only show a fake virus detection alert to the user and eventually show advertisements, IT Security firm statement.

These applications disguise as security or antivirus in their name and so nothing related to security.

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