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Fortnite’s Share Love event with Challenge & rewards in Valentine’s Day 2019



Fortnite's Share Love event with Challenge & rewards in Valentine's Day 2019

Epic Games just can’t seem to stop giving its Fotnite: Fortnie is adding new Challenge & rewards to celebrate occasion and these include Valentine wrap and Vines Contrail as rewards. Battle Royale players new events over the pat months.

Share the Love, will reward players with exclusive love-themed items that are set to be revealed over the next few days. Challenge will begin with the launch of update v7.40 and run until Feb. 27-the before season eight is set to begin.


Fortnite Developers share,”Love is in the air! In celebration of Valentine’s day, you are invited to join us for the #ShareTheLove event.”

Jump in for special rewards and challenges Feb 8 until Feb 27. Players support Creator in the game or enter a Creator Code between Feb 8 to Feb 22. They will receive the free Cuddle Hearts Wrap as a gift.

Players will receive item wrap when the v7.40 update releases. Epic Games assures players that it will be keeping a count of all the players who are eligible. While Battle Pass owners, There will be Overtime Challenges that will have rewards that include new unlockable styles for Trog, Powder and Onesie outfits.

Challenges will be probably be pretty easy and you should be bale to complete them in no time. To help you out and keep you up to date.

Day One

Challenge and reward for the first day of the share the love event will be revealed when update v7.40 goes live.

How to get free Cuddle Hearts Wraps in Fortnite’s Share Love event

Fortnite will add several new items and challenges, including a brand new wrap. To get the free Wrap, You will have to need to declare your support for a Fortnite content creator. To do this, head to the item shop tab in Fortnite.

Bottom of screen, you should see a message that tells you what button to press to support a Creator. Click button & brought to a screen where you can declare your support for you favorite Fortnite streamer or YouTuber.

You can also check the list of approved creators, for supporting a new creator or check the spelling of someones name. If you don’t already support a creator, you have roughly two weeks to simply type in a name in order to get free Cuddle Hearts Wrap when update v7.40 is released.

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