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10 Things You Might Not Know About Ores in Minecraft



10 Things You Might Not Know About Ores in Minecraft

There is a reason that the game is named that way after all. There are many types of ore of various rarity. They can be found in caves, ravines, or even from villagers sometimes. Players need a pickaxe to mine ore.

Unlock an achievement with diamonds: Players can give a diamond ore to another player or even a mob to get an achievement. It is best to do this with a friend.

Copper ore turns green: Copper ore is the first ore added into the game and can be found everywhere in the overworld. They would slowly oxidize when left alone for a period of time and become green.

You need a diamond pickaxe to mine Netherite/Obsidian: This is the rarest ore in the game – the Ancient Debris/Netherite can only be found in the Nether. Players need the best pickaxe in the game, the Diamond pickaxe, to mine it.

Piss off Piglins with Gold: Players can easily trigger aggro from Piglins mob by mining gold ore, as these guys are very obsessive over gold.

Ruby was changed into Emerald: In the earliest version of Minecraft, there was an ore called Ruby that looks identical to Redstone. It was changed into Emerald later to avoid confusion.

Gold has low durability: Just like real life, gold in Minecraft is soft and breaks very easily. While it might look super pretty, it is not a good idea to craft armors and weapons from gold.

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Gold, copper, and iron are unaffected by Fortune enchantment: Fortune is an enchantment that can be put into a pickaxe to increase the number of resources you get from mining.

Silk Touch pickaxe: Pickaxes enchanted with Silk Touch would cause ore blocks to drop as themselves instead of the usual drop items.

Deepslate mining: Deepslate is a stone variant that’s twice as durable. They can only be mined with pickaxes imbued with the Silk Touch enchantment – otherwise, you would get cobbled Deepslate.

Emerald ore spawn location: While Emerald’s rarity is just “Rare”, it only spawns in the mountain biome. This is probably why a lot of players seem to believe that this particular ore is the rarest.


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