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3 Tips to Win Georgopol city fights in PUBG Mobile and BGMI



3 Tips to Win Georgopol city fights in PUBG Mobile and BGMI

Tips to Win Georgopol city fights in PUBG Mobile and BGMI: BGMI was released in July 2021 as the Indian version of the famous Battle Royale game: PUBG Mobile. Since both Battle Royale versions have similar maps, players from the Indian region found themselves on familiar grounds playing Battleground Mobile India.

There are several modes are available, players of both versions prefer to play the classic Battle Royale matches.

Erangel is considered the main map in the game. Upon installation, it is the only downloaded map that appears in the game.

Moreover, it was also the first map for players to play. As a result, players prefer playing this map and landing in popular areas like Georgopol city.

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With many players dropping into Georgopol City due to its vast area, they must know how to engage and win in fights in the vicinity.

Tips to win fights in Georgopol city in PUBG Mobile and BGMI:

Land in the apartments and try to hold them:

The three apartments present in Georgopol City act as the highest position in the vicinity and hence, provide the players with a height advantage which they can use effectively to knock down enemies present in the small houses. However, the apartments are amongst the most contested buildings in the area, and therefore, players must have good gun skills to take down enemies and hold the buildings.

Use utilities to win fights:

The rise of PUBG Mobile and BGMI esports has popularized utilities in fights as they can change the course of any fight within a few seconds. Since Georgopol city is a highly congested area containing many buildings and compounds, players using utilities can win more battles in the area than others. Proper use of Molotov Cocktails and Frag grenades can restrict and suppress enemies within buildings, even knocking them out in the process. Moreover, proper use of smoke grenades can help players move from one compound to another without getting shot from afar.

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Use SMGs for compound and apartment fights:

SMGs are incorporated into BGMI and PUBG Mobile for close-range fights. Georgopol City witnesses a lot of close-range combat due to many players dropping into the area. Furthermore, the vicinity contains a decent number of SMGs for players to pick up and use. These guns can prove deadly in apartment fights, helping players take down enemies and wipe out squads easily.

3 Tips to win any close-range combat in BGMI:

Aim only for Head:

A player who would have played even a single match might assume an enemy’s head level. So, a player should always keep his crosshair on the head level. Headshots never betray a player so it will give him an easy kill whereas body shots take time. Also, the player just needs to adjust his crosshair horizontally and wait for the enemy to get into that crosshair. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the crosshair at the head level.

Choose the best Guns for Close Range Combat:

During close-range combat in BGMI, it is recommended that a player should use a gun that has extremely high damage per second or the highest fire rating weapon as every second matters. Therefore, the best guns for close-range combat are Groza but if it isn’t available then a player should go for M762 or SMGs like UZI and Vector.

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Shotguns are no less than any guns:

Many players just leave then shotguns or never pay attention to this gun but shotguns can prove to be a beast while close-range combats. Shotguns require only one or two shots to finish the opponent while other guns take more ammo. Therefore, practice with shotguns too. But it is best in close range only and the Shotgun’s damage rate decreases when the enemy moves far away.



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