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Akshan champion guide: How to play League of Legends’ newest mid lane assassin



Akshan champion guide How to play League of Legends’ newest mid lane assassin

League of Legends’ latest champion Akshan will finally be making his debut on the live servers with patch 11.15.

The Shuriman Sentinel of Light will be a mid-lane assassin, who boasts a very unique kit that relies heavily on mobility and creating flanking positions.

As Akshan has been out in the League of Legends PBE for over a week, players with access to the beta server have already created a standard item build path and runes set for him.

There has been a lot of experimenting with his early and mid-late game playstyle as well, and with just hours away from his release, the community seems to have come to a consensus.

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League of Legends Akshan guide: Runes, Items, and Playstyle

Runes: When it comes to Akshan’s rues, it’s important to go for the keystone that will help players utilize his passive ability to the maximum. “Dirty Fighting” is a lot like Vayne’s “Silver Bolts” and it allows Akshan to deal bonus magic damage to the opponent and gain a shield if he is able to proc his passive on the enemy by applying three stacks of it with the use of basic attacks and abilities.

Akshan is quite squishy and against more aggressive lane opponents, players can look to use other runes like Fleet Footwork or even Conqueror, to help him sustain better during the early game.

Items: Akshan players can pretty much invest in the standard ADC crit build, and either Galeforce or Kraken Slayer should be mythic of choice.

While Galeforce will be able to grant him extra mobility, Kraken Slayer will pair with his passive perfectly and give him that extra bit of burst damage.

Bloodthirster, The Collector, and Infinity Edge are also going to be a part of his standard build path; however, players can lean towards the Lethality path if the enemy team has a bit too many tanks on their side.

Playstyle: Akshan has a very easy time against melee bruisers. His range along with the “Dirty Fighting” passive will let him harass the opponent and deny them cs during the early game. It’s one of the reasons why Akshan can be flexed easily in the top lane, against some of the more meta picks like Dr. Mundo, Gwen, and Viego.

Akshan’s “Heroic Swing” gives him a lot of mobility, and allows players avenues to create some of the most innovative flanking positions. Hence, during the mid to late game, it’s imperative that Akshan players shove in the lane and roam, looking for ganking opportunities

Akshan has a high risk-high reward type of kit, and with the right positioning he can single-handedly wipe out the entire enemy team. But he is incredibly squishy and can his HP bar can be depleted in seconds if he is caught out of position.


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