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Apex Legends battle royale game coming to mobile this year



Apex Legends battle royale game coming to mobile this year

Apex Legends is confirmed to launch for the mobile platform. EA Games, the developer behind the popular game, has confirmed that it will soon Apex Legends on mobile.

During an investor’s call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that it will launch the battle royale game by the end of this year.

“We are hugely excited about the future of Apex Legends Engagement is strong, and we have big plans for the Legends and the world they compete in,” Wilson had said in a statement.

He further revealed that the mobile version of the Apex Legends is being developed for the Chinese market.

Since the game is already available for Xbox, PC and PlayStation it’s only natural for EA to try to capitalize on the growing mobile gaming segment.

Earlier this year, EA said that Respawn Entertainment – the studio behind Apex Legends – is working on a Nintendo Switch port so an Android and iOS game would make the availability complete.

Apex Legends has a slew of games available on both Android and iOS platforms.

It will be interesting to see whether the company will be able to provide the same level of gameplay on the mobile version as it is present on the PC and other platforms.

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