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Apex Legends is getting a new map, and it has a train



Apex Legends is getting a new map, and it has a train

Respawn made a bombshell announcement for its Apex Legends battle royale shooter this morning, revealing a new map for its upcoming third season that’s arriving in just a few days.

The cinematic doesn’t reveal much about the map and is CG rather than gameplay, but we can gather a few details from what see.

The new destination, indicating players will be facing off is an extreme temperature environment. In a teaser for the map, we can see both icy and lava-filled battlefields. In a twist on the existing dropship, there is also a moving train, which should add a very interesting mobile element to World’s Edge. Respawn says the location, alongside its new legend Crypto, will be arriving with season three next week on October, The Verge reported.

A cinematic trailer, seen above, doesn’t reveal every corner of the new environment, but it shows off several major landmarks and biomes, including lava and plenty of snow for players to a sled. I Approve of this new planet, Caustic can be heard saying in the trailer, indicating that World’s Edge takes place on a new rock entirely.

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The standout feature from the trailer seems to be a train that the Legends are fighting on top of. If the train really is on the map, it could spend entire matches zipping around the map bringing loot, but also giving players a mobile platform to fight on.

At first, it seemed like Apex was following the path laid by Epic in Fortnite: aggressively altering a single map hand-in-hand with promotional events that added giant creatures, stunt parks, and new structures to loot. Clearly, Respawn is going in a different direction.

This is just our first glimpse at this new map, but Respawn is sure to reveal more in the coming days. World’s Edge is set to arrive in Apex Legends along with the start of season 3 on Oct 1.

Via: TheVerge

Via: Polygon

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