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Apex Legends Mobile: Release Date, Soft Launch, Gameplay, Maps & More



Apex Legends Mobile Release Date, Soft Launch, Gameplay, Maps & More

Apex Legends Mobile: So far, Apexa Legends has been on PC and console for three year. The company is about the celebrate its anniversary with Season 12’s Collection Event.

This Apex Legends this season has had a lot to offer, people are still looking forward to future seasons.

Respawn Entertainment has decided to bring the battle royale to the mobile gaming community, with some players getting a chance to play the game early through the soft launch update.

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Apex Legends Mobile release date:

Currently, there is no official release date for Apex Legends Mobile, But, we can assume that it is probably not being released for the public any time soon between 2022/2023.

Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch:

Now, in February 2022, Respawn have announced that the game is officially getting a Soft Launch update, which will only be available for certain regions.

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Players can register for the Soft Launch now on the Google Play store as long as they are in one of the ten regions it will be available in

Apex Legends Mobile gameplay:

Apex Legends Mobile’s gameplay will be inherently similar to the battle royale players know and love, featuring all of the same weapons and mechanics.

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The developers have explicitly implemented for the Mobile version that have been spotted in the beta and may stay for launch.

Apex Legends Mobile maps:

The only battle royale map available is World’s Edge. This could change come release, and we may see Kings Canyon and Olympus on mobile at some point, but as far as we know, it’s just World’s Edge for now.

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There are some other maps available for players, such as the Arenas map from the main game Artillery. This map is available in Arenas for Apex Legends Mobile and in the Team Deathmatch mode that is making its way onto PC and console through Season 12 LTM “Control.”