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Apex Legends: Secret Loot Bridge in Season 9



Apex Legends: Secret Loot Bridge in Season 9

Apex Legends season 9: there is a secret loot bridge added into the recently infested Olympus map. In the “Icarus” point of interest of the Olympus map, you should be able to find several corpses.

They are canonically the corpses of the crew members that worked on the ship. Now, you need to find the keycard that will spawn on one of the corpses regularly.

It can take a bit of doing, but once you find it, it’ll always be in the exact same spot. In the picture following, the approximate location of the keycard spawn is marked.

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Once you have the keycard you need, you’ll have to quickly get to the front of the ship. Keep your guard up!

A lot of squads land at Icarus on the new map. At the front of the Icarus, you will be able to use your keycard to open up a door, behind which you can find high-tier loot.

Another warning! You will almost certainly not be the only person to know about this area, so keep a good close-range weapon at the ready to polish off anyone looking to steal your loot.

The approximate location of the door you need to find at the front of the ship is shown below.

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