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Apex Legends: Tips & Tricks to get 20 Kill Badge



Apex Legends Tips & Tricks to get 20 Kill Badge

Apex Legends: Apex Legends is now in Season 12, and despite growing in popularity immensely over the last few seasons, new players are still being exposed to the game and playing for the first time every day.

The Apex Legends 20 kill badge is possibly the most sought-after badge. Players cannot gain the 20 kill badge in Arenas or LTMs, but it would be a pretty big achievement if you got that number of kills in the 3v3 mode.

However, in reality, it takes time and patience to get the 20 kill badge, as well as a little bit of luck.

Here are tips and tricks for getting the Apex Legends 20 kill badge:

Just getting a victory can be demanding some days in Apex Legends, but the key to reaching your goals and getting something like the 20 kill badge is being patient.

Although this isn’t necessarily a gameplay tip, having a mentality of taking your time and working to achieve something can also be applied to your gameplay.

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Players will also have to be persistent on their journey to getting the 20 kill badge. Not every match will have the same opportunities, some games will end early, and the chance to get 20 kills may be distant after the first round.

Sometimes dropping hot may give you the best chance of obtaining the 20 kill badge, especially if you get off to a good start and survive the chaos.

However, sometimes it’s best to drop strategically, get the loot you need, and push the areas you know players will be fighting.

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The worst thing that can happen is for you to be close to your 20 kill badge, and some random teammates swoop in, taking the final kills you need to reach the goal.

You can avoid this by simply unticking “Fill Teammates” in the lobby, allowing you to play games as a solo.

Or, you can equally get one of your friends to help you obtain the badge by asking them to assist you, doing damage to enemies so that you can still get the kills.

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