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Apex Legends to Add a permanent New 3v3 Arenas Game Mode



Apex Legends to Add a permanent New 3v3 Arenas Game Mode

Apex Legends is going to add a new Valorant-like game mode that will allow players to enter the chaos of 20-squad Battle Royale matches down into more focused 3v3 combat.

Arenas is a brand new permanent game mode in Apex Legends that will allow a squad to go into an intense 3v3 battle with another squad.

The primary aim will be to survive most of the rounds by killing off the members of the other squad. So, as you can tell, it is a round-based mode and sounds pretty similar to games like CS:GO and Valorant.

There will a total of five Arena locations where the players will get a chance to prove themselves against competitors.

It includes two new locations, including Party Crasher and Phase Runner.

While the former sees the Mirage Voyage crashed in a luxurious, downtown plaza on Olympus, the latter is the first phase runner prototype ever made, before it was installed on the game’s third map.

Apex Legends will bring some popular locations from its three existing maps. You will get Artillery from Kings Canyon, Thermal Station from World’s Edge, and Golden Gardens from Olympus at the start.

There’s nowhere to hide this season, Legends. Ready to find out if you’re predator or prey? 🏹

Discover your true nature when Apex Legends – Legacy launches May 4!

Originally tweeted by Apex Legends (@PlayApex) on April 22, 2021.

Source: Beebom

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