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Battleground Mobile India: Everything You Need to Know



Battleground Mobile India Everything You Need to Know

Battleground Mobile India: PUBG Mobile is coming back to India with a different name called- Battlegrounds Mobile India. The official website will be launched in India soon.

The game publisher has not announced or confirmed the official launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Therefore, it’s not available to pre-order or download in those stores. Although there is no post of confirmation, the URL address still makes a lot of PUBG Mobile players and fans in India believe in the launch of this game.

The username of official Facebook and YouTube accounts is BattlegroundsMobileIN. Moreover, according to some leaks, PUBG Mobile is coming back to this country with the name Battlegrounds Mobile India. The rumor around the relaunch of PUBG Mobile in India has made a lot of gamers excited and anticipated recently.

Krafton had bought some domains including Battlegrounds Mobile India name for the ULR links of the official Battleground Mobile India website, According to AFKgaming.

The new game only keeps the phrase Battlegrounds Mobile in its title and username. This new game has official fan pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to bring players and fans the latest teasers, trailers, and update details.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official Facebook account has over 115k likes and 231k followers. PUBG Mobile Indian community also has an official YouTube Channel with 2.59M subscribers.

The official YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile India was launched on Aug 31st, 2018. There are over a hundred videos on this YouTube Channel with various contents, including update details, trailers, and esports live streams.

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