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Battlegrounds Mobile India: Top 5 Tips to increase F/D Ratio in BGMI



Battlegrounds Mobile India: Top 5 Tips to increase F/D Ratio in BGMI

What is F/D Ratio in BGMI?

The ratio between the number of finished enemies and the number of matches you played. It is similar to the K/D ratio in PUBG. It also presents the ability and skill of players.

Here are tips to increase the F/D ratio in BGMI:

Don’t Rush: Take the advantage of the TPP view to kill enemies more easily, especially when you are left alone after all your teammates have been finished. Players should balance defense and rush. Don’t rush campers when you have less chance to win the combat.

Become Weapon Expertise: Players should be proficient with all weapons in the game. You should use an M416 and a DP-28. A good gun combination will help you get a high number of kills in each game. Then your F/D ratio is also increased.

Stick To Squad: If you don’t want to be finished soon when the number of kills is still low, stick to your squad. Don’t play with random players because most of them won’t share bots and enemies for you.

Increase The Precision: Having a good aim and accuracy is a must-do thing to increase your F/D ratio. Players should always be comfortable with all weapons that they use.

Better Your Game Sense: You should have good headphones to hear the sound of enemies and determine whether he comes from the left or right. Moreover, you should play more games to improve your game sense and ability in positioning the opponents. In addition, you will reflex and decide the tactics faster.

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