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Best Epic Weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile, How to Get



Best Epic Weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile, How to Get

Call of Duty Mobile weapons is divided into different groups based on their rarity. These groups are depicted by a specific color(Purple). These epic weapons are among the best weapons in COD Mobile.

Epic weapons are better than the weapons in the two groups of Rare and Uncommon in the battle royale mode.

Therefore, it’s also the answer to the question ‘which is the best gun in Call of Duty mobile Battle Royale’. It’s because Epic guns have better statistics in the effective range, accuracy, and damage, etc.

Best Epic Weapons in COD Mobile 2021

Razorback Stirrup: Its mobility, rate of fire, and accuracy. Besides, the Stirrup skin has a special knock-out effect and impressive skin. It supports a quickdraw mag and grip to make it more stable and dangerous.

RUS-79U – Wretched: it has a super high rate of fire and great mobility. The gun skin Wretched also offers a special knock-out effect. You can obtain it at level 10 in the Premium Pass.

M4 – Spurred: This assault rifle is designed for both short and mid-range combat with an ideal effective range. In addition, it also has high mobility and an impressive rate of fire. Thus, this weapon deals great damage per second to the targets.

AGR 556 – Western Crown: When reaching level 40 in the Premium Pass, players will get an AGR 556 with Western Crown skin. The skin of this weapon also produces a special effect when you knock down the enemies. This weapon is very powerful in close fights.

MK2 – Brushstroke: It can be obtained when players reach the highest level of the Battle Pass. As a sniper gun, it has a higher effective range than four previous guns.

How to get Epic Weapons in COD Mobile?

Get Epic Weapons from Battle Pass: These Epic weapons are only available in the Battle Pass of each season. The normal Battle Pass costs you 400CP. Or else, you can spend 800CP on the Battle Pass bundles to get all Epic rewards.

Get Epic Weapons from Crates: COD mobile also offers some crates with a lot of Epic items. Players also spend CP to buy crates and get lucky rewards insides. The prices of these crates range from 40 – 110CP per crate and 360 – 990CP per package of 10 crates.

Get Epic Weapons from Lucky Spins: These lucky spins often have one or two Epic guns and a Legendary gun. The chance to get these weapon skins is pretty low. Besides, players also need to pay CP to spin.

Get Epic Weapons from In-game Events: COD Mobile also introduced many events with plenty of rewards, including Epic weapons and skins. These events are often released on special holidays and celebrations, such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc.


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