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BGMI: Krafton Brings Permanent Device Ban Policy for BGMI



Krafton Brings Permanent Device Ban Policy for BGMI

BGMI: Krafton, after the ban of PUBG in India, rolled out BGMI that is hailed as one of the best battle royale smartphone games in the country.

The developers are rigid about the rules related to cheating in the game. They have already justified their strictness by introducing the permanent device ban policy.

Krafton first banned 99,583 accounts and thereafter shared a 722-page document consisting of all the banned accounts.

Talking specifically about the factors that can lead to account banning on BGMI are third-party software integration, modified game files, using unauthorized tools, and playing with hackers as your teammates.

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Policies against Cheating:

Fair gameplay has been a priority for Krafton since day one from the time when PUBG made its way to India.

The incidents of using hacks in BGMI surged with the rollout of the 1.7 updates.

Krafton’s previous ban policy was only to remove an account permanently. But the developers knew very well that they had to come up with something more rigid.

Thus, now the players who cheat will suffer a permanent device ban.

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Impact of permanent device ban policy:

The permanent device ban policy, applicable from December 24, is surely going to make cheaters think twice before using any medium to deliver unfair competition on the plate.

The banning of accounts was one thing that can be surpassed. But the new policy by Krafton is on a completely different level.

With this step, it can be assumed that the number of accounts being banned every month is going to decrease on a considerable scale.

In addition, it is going to satisfy all the gamers who believe in fair play.

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