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BGMI: Top 5 Tips to Win Jujutsu Kaisen Game Mode



BGMI Top 5 Tips to Win Jujutsu Kaisen Game Mode

Top 5 Tips to Win Jujutsu Kaisen Game Mode: BGMI always brings new updates in game mode. BGMI has released its newest collaboration event, Jujutsu Kaisen- based on the popular Japanese Manga of the same name.

BGMI millions of Players have logged in to the game to play the new mode exclusively available in Erangel and Livik.

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Search Super Crates to get higher loot:

There is a number of new features added in Jujutsu Kaisen mode, and Super Crates are probably the most important amongst them.

They contain some of the best loot in the game and acquiring them allows players to get a much better chance in the match.

Make Proper Communication with Teammates:

Communication is important in any multiplayer video game. In BGMI, players need to establish proper communication to win more matches.

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Proper calls that indicate the enemy location, as well as the instructions given by the IGLs, will help players emerge victorious in the Jujutsu Kaisen mode.

Use the Cursed Corpse Grenade:

Cursed Corpse Grenade is a new special grenade that was added as part of the event. Upon exploding, it would summon a giant creature named Cathy, who can be used in fights to get an advantage.

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The creature is hostile to everyone, even the grenade users.

Use the recall feature:

The recall feature, present exclusively in the themed mode, helps players recall their dead teammates back into the match.

There are several locations in Erangel and Livik where the recall tower is present and can be used by players. Bringing back dead teammates will help the squad get back to its full strength and strive towards a win.

Gain exploration points:

This event is going to be the same as the previous League of Legends: Arcane mode, with the ability to participate in exploration events to gain points.

By completing classic matches, players would get up to 180 exploration points per day. The distribution of points will be based upon players’ performance in those classic matches.


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