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Call of Duty: Mobile announced for Android & iOS Smartphone



Call of Duty: Mobile announced for Android & iOS Smartphone

Activision announced Call of Duty: Mobile in collaboration with Tencent coming to North America , Europe., South America and more.

The call of Duty: Mobile brings together maps, modes, weapons and characters from across the call of Duty franchise. The game is Free-to-Play, like PUBG Mobile has been sole dominating candidates when it comes the battle royale game.

Call of Duty has many features like multiplayer modes included free for all, Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Frontline as well a zombie mode to play against bots.

In the mobile version , user play as iconic Call of Duty characters that bring mainstream COD players. The game has provide players to customize character and weapons with in game currency and unlock characters, score streaks, weapons and other tools.

Call of Duty Mobile will be released both for iOS and Android , however release date has not scheduled yet. But users can pre-register for it right now from the Google Play Store or official website. after signing up & Pre registering users will get the latest version. User can also access to the beta version coming in the summer.

Call of Duty: Mobile Details

  • Players will experience the fluid,
  • First person combat of Call of Duty,
  • Fighting head to head in fan-favorite modes such as team Deathmatch,
  • Search and Destroy,
  • Series Like Nuketown Crash, Hijacked and much more.
  • Players will earn and unlock classic Call of Duty characters, weapons, scorestreaks and other tools.

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