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Call of Duty Mobile: First Female Legendary Operator and Legendary Crossbow Announced



Call of Duty Mobile First Female Legendary Operator and Legendary Crossbow Announced

Call of Duty Mobile: As per official confirmation in Call of Duty Mobile Season 10. A legendary character coming to the game later this month.

Call of Duty Mobile season is going to the first season that will witness the launch of a mythic weapon and a legendary character.

Legendary Outrider has been officially announced with a teaser. And along with the Outrider, players will get a legendary sec weapon.

While Thumper is the absolute favorite this season. Players will have a chance to pull a legendary Crossbow in the same lucky draw that will bring the legendary Outrider.

The date of the draw has not yet been announced but players can expect it to drop anytime later this week.

Leaks from multiple data miners have already given out the general profile of the legendary Outrider. But players can now see the complete look of the operator in-game.

The Outrider sports a futuristic design and has a digital eye patch on her head. All the legendary items in the draw have the same blue, white and gray coloration, making them a complete set.

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Along with the Outrider will be the legendary crossbow and Sparrow operator skill.

This is the first legendary operator skill that players will have to purchase.

The first-ever legendary operator skill was the H2O Purifier and it was released for free back in 2020.

The rest of the items in the draw have not been leaked yet but players can expect them to drop soon.

The leaked trailer also suggests that battle royale fans will get a motorcycle skin in the Techno Aim Draw, which is expected to be the name of the legendary Outrider drop.

This entire lucky draw is expected to drop this Friday, December 10.


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