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Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Leaks: Battle Pass Rewards, New map, Zombies, Weapons And More



Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Leaks: Battle Pass Rewards, New map, Zombies, Weapons And More

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7: As Season 6 of COD mobile is still raging on, fans have already begun to wonder what Season 7 would add to the table. Lucky for you, we saved you the hardwork by bringing all the leaks and news under one roof.

Attention is turning to season seven with new leaks surrounding the release of new weapons, maps and Battle Royale locations beginning to appear.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Leaks: All You need to know

  1. New Maps: Out of the five maps selected, Rust was released in season six, leaving Terminal, Shipment, Dome and Highrise left. It is rumoured that Shipment will be the latest map to be added to the Multiplayer map pool.
  2. Weapons: The HBRa3 is widely considered as one of the strongest Assault Rifles in COD: Mobile.
  3. Zombies: The return of Richtofen may signify a return of the popular game mode in season seven or Richtofen may just be present as a playable character for Multiplayer and Battle Royale. It is too early to tell whether Zombies could be coming back. If it does return we can look forward to maps such as Nacht Der Untoten (which has been confirmed to be in development) and Tranzit (which has still yet to release despite footage of it being online).
  4. Battle Royale: According to the leaks, players might get to visit the following locations within the Battle Royale map : Paramount
    Black Market
    Border Village &
  5. Scorestreak: The icon on the HUD resembles the Cluster Strike kill streak from the Modern Warfare Multiplayer. Despite of many screenshot leaks, scorestreak Lightning Strike is still left to be added.
  6. New Perk: In the game files, an image is found of an emblem resembling the Overkill perk in the main COD games.

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