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Call of Duty Mobile Season 9: Gunsmith Weapon Upgrade Tips



Call of Duty Mobile Season 9: Gunsmith Weapon Upgrade Tips

Players are eagerly waiting for Guns for the Call of Duty Season 9. Activision is going to replace its original weapon customisation with a better-optimised Gunsmith update.

The Gunsmith menu is going to allow players to deeply customize their weapons.

However, so many guns to chose from and only limited XP cards, which gun should you fully upgrade first?.

Assault Rifles:

Assault rifles provide an overall balanced addition to your loadout.

  1. KN-44: it gives a good fire rate and high damage to result in high DPS dealt to enemies.
  2. DR-H: it can be a decent fire rate with very high damage output.
  3. ICR: It may lose to some SMGs at close range but this can easily be fixed by wisely using your attachment combinations.

Sub-Machine Guns:

SMGs are an important piece of your loadout. But which one should you pick for the job

  1. QQ9: with a big nerf coming to the latter in Season 9, things are looking pretty fair for QQ9 now.
  2. Razorback: this gun might come with a magazine downsizing in the global version. a damage buff is also due for the Razorback which will balance it well.

Sniper Rifles:

A long-range maps such as Crossfire and Meltdown.

  1. Locus: it is supposed to up the damage of this gun making it a more lethal firearm. Locus is going to become one-shot even to the lower body with the Stopping Power attachment.
  2. DL-Q33: with its already high damage all you have to do is focus on fixing the above-mentioned issue and this gun should serve you well.

Light Machine Guns:

Based on our liking, we suggest upgrading the following LMGs going in Season 9 :

  1. RPD: the RPD will increase its capacity to 200 rounds.
  2. Chopper: the Chopper is a unique LMG which is fun to use. The developers have now added the option to ADS on this gun which will be seen in Season 9.


This gun already had a pretty decent range and an easy hip fire mode. Play around a little bit with it in the Gunsmith menu and find your sweet spot for it.

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