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Call of Duty: Mobile to add new two Weapons in Next Season’s Update



Call of Duty: Mobile to add new two Weapons in Next Season's Update

Call of Duty: Mobile has confirmed that it will be adding two new weapons in its next seasonal update.

The Call of Duty: Mobile developer has teased the new weapons over social media, includes the FAMAS and the SKS rifles.

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Judging by its inclusion in the mainline Call of Duty games, the FAMAS may either offer burst fire or full-auto fire options, it is also quite possible that it might offer both the options, letting the player choose while fire-cycle they would prefer.

The SKS is a semi-automatic rifle that fits the mould of a designated marksman’s rifle. However, it is not yet known how it will compare against the Kilo Bolt-Action, and what new feature it will bring to the table.

The developers have also confirmed that the next season of Call of Duty: Mobile will not be called Season 14. Rather, it will be reset to Season 1.

It is not yet known exactly how this will affect the game itself. The new update should drop in about a week or so.

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