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Call of Duty Mobile: Unlock The Katana Operator Skill



Call of Duty Mobile: Unlock The Katana Operator Skill

The Forge brings a new skill called the Katana Operator skill. The Katana is a deadly sword that can be earned over time, similar to other Operator Skils.

The New Operator Skill available in the multiplayer mode, Katana equips you with this deadly Japanese blade.

It is a one hit kill sword that is able to chop its way through any amount of opposition.

When activated the player will enter a third-person perspective to get a complete field of view. Use the added vision to attack enemies from all angles.

It is a close-range Operator Skill, you’ll have to be near your enemy to unleash your deadly sword.

Use environment pieces, distractions by other teammates, or tactical equipment to close the distance, before you strike.

How to Unlock The Katana Operator Skill:

You can find Katana Kill Challenge in the featured Event section.

Select it to view a list of tasks you can choose from.

You can earn multiple items along the way to adding the Katana to your arsenal.

You can earn the MW11 – Sight Unseen, Sticky Grenade – Sight Unseen, and a Spray – Crash.

While using the Katana, closing the distance between you and your enemy is the key.

A flashbang will come in handy when using this weapon. Blind your enemy and sneak up to them for a quick and easy kill.

Moreover, a flashbang will make you feel like a ninja which, let’s be honest, is super cool.

Play on small scaled maps with this operator skill. Maps like Kill House and Hijacked provide a small area for more player on player interaction and cover. Thus, it would be wise to go for them.

However, if you do get in a match with big maps like Crossfire, then use smokes to cover open areas and move through it.

While playing TDMs, make sure that your spawn hasn’t switched before activating this skill. A sword can be easily outmatched with a gun if your enemy has the numbers.

Therefore, be sure to stick with your team to avoid being overwhelmed.

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