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Death’s Door Complete Guide: Where to find every weapon



Death's Door Complete Guide: Where to find every weapon

Players mostly start Death’s Door with a common sword, however, there are four other weapons you can find and use.

In this article, we will show you where to find the Death’s Door weapons- Thunder Hammer, Rogue Daggers, Reaper’s Greatsword, and Discarded Umbrella.

The Discarded Umbrella in the Hall of Doors: The Thunder Hammer is in the Frog King’s Domain, the Rogue Daggers are in the Estate of the Urn Witch, the Reaper’s Greatsword is near The Stranded Sailor, and the Discarded Umbrella is in the Hall of Doors.

The Discard Umbrella is in the northwest Hall of Doors. It’ll be leaning on a lamppost, past where the doors to the Urn Witch’s area appear.

The Rogue Daggers in the Estate of the Urn Witch: The Rogue Daggers are right outside and just to the east of the entrance to the Urn Witch’s Ceramic Manor. When you first see them, they’ll be locked behind a gate.

The Thunder Hammer in the Mushroom Dungeon: The Thunder Hammer is visible on top of a ledge in a room with a bunch of small bud-like enemies. To get it, go around and out of the Mushroom Dungeon. From the room with the Hall of Doors door in the Mushroom Dungeon, head west. Follow the path until you get to a large room.

The Reaper’s Greatsword at The Stranded Sailor: The Reaper’s Greatsword is behind The Stranded Sailor, locked up behind a gate. To open it, you’ll have to find four switches to activate the gate. They’re all hidden around The Stranded Soldier, and each one you find will give you a hint on where to find the next one. You don’t have to find them in order, though.

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