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Fee Fire MAX: How to get Free New Fang Pet



How to get Free New Fang Pet

How to get Free New Fang Pet: In Free Fire, Pets are always traveling alongside players and helping them with their unique skills. A new Fang pet has arrived in Free Fire MAX OB36 and players can obtain him in the Free Fire MAX Fang Top-up event.

A Free Fire MAX Top-up event is an event where players can get rewards when they top-up a certain number of Diamonds into the game. In this event, players can get a Fang pet along with its bundle and emote. Here are the details of the event:

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Buy 100 diamonds to get a free Lava Fang pet bundle

Buy 500 diamonds to get Sit down emote

Note that you only need to top up Diamonds to get the rewards and you don’t have to spend the Diamonds. If you want this pet, this is your best chance to get it.

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The ability of the new Fang pet is called the Wolfpack bond. The skill will give you 30 EP if your HP is full or 15 HP if your HP isn’t full whenever one of your teammates dies with a 25-second cooldown at skill level 3.

While this pet is not useful in Solo mode, it is a great addition in Duo mode and Squad mode. This pet can throw off your enemies when 2 teams are in head-on combat. It is also more useful for characters who don’t have healing on their own such as Chrono or Wukong.


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