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First Look Into PUBG New State Troi Map: List Of Locations And More



First Look Into PUBG New State Troi Map: List Of Locations And More

KRAFTON has announced, the beta testing will be on the new map – Troi. Let’s take a closer look at PUBG New State Troi Map!

KRAFTON has shared a video, taking us a tour around the new map of their next battle Royale game. Troi will be a brand-new, massive battleground that takes in the year 2051.

Of course, the vehicles also take on an amazingly futuristic look, taking players around in style. Let’s move on to more details.

List of Locations on PUBG New State Troi Map

Exhibit Hall: The Heart of Troi: This will be the hot-drop zone on the new map of PUBG New State. From the top, this location looks like a gigantic bullseye. It also makes a good arena for players to engage in early fights, as they do in the School zone on Erangel.

The Mall: the mall features quite a similar look to the Exhibit Hall. The roof appears to be a hot ground for players if the path of the plane goes nearby. The Mall offers a lot of nooks and crannies, perfect for sneaking on your enemies.

Trailer Park: this location is more like a bunker filled with bullets. But there’s a standing ramp at the end of the runway, which players can use to get themselves out of trouble.

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The Laboratory: This lab on the PUBG New State Troi Map looks like fun. However, planning an escape from this location beforehand is crucial. This four-story tall building doesn’t have many good exits, and you can become easy prey to campers outside.


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