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Fortnite Season 10 trailer battle Pass Theme and Map Details out



Fortnite Season 10 trailer battle Pass Theme and Map Details out


The developers Epic Games, have released the teaser trailer of the upcoming Fortnite Season 10. Fortnite Season 10 trailer footage has leaked, and it confirms the main theme of the upcoming Battle Pass. In a short video, developer Epic teased an event many fans have been expecting: the glowing orb in Loot Lake appears primed to blow up.

The clip was allegedly tweeted by the Fortnite Brazil Twitter account, promptly downloaded and sent to scene Leaker Lucas7Yoshi. The full video is about one minute long story provide a lot more details. After the explosion, a character travels through a void filled with elements and moments from past Fortnite seasons.

Fortnite Season 10: Details

The new season is titled, out of time and the tweet says, the Zero point is exploding. The video begins glowing orb in Loot Lake exploding. One of the generic characters from Fortnite seems to be running away. But he gets caught up in the blast and finds himself away in the void.

These items seem to be traveling through portals which could be warping time. We see the rocket launch crack the sky, and the magical butterfly from the cube explosion that happened in the past.

Finally falls over onto the grassy ground and find he is about to be hit by a meteor. The meteor seems to be traveling extremely slow through time, BGR reported.

The leak arrives just a handful of minutes after the release of Epic’s fourth and final teaser for Season 10. The preview features a six-second clip of the Loot Lake Orb exploding, but now we know precisely what happens after the event occurs.

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Previous teasers suggested the arrival of mechs and remixed new regarding specific contents of the season 10 Battle Pass.

Besides the video and the stray images, there has been no other reveals from Epic Games about the upcoming season.

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