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Fortnite Season 3: How to find golden Mushroom



Fortnite Season 3: How to find golden Mushroom

In Fortnite season 3, The golden mushroom is one of the most-elusive items.

The golden mushroom is a rare find but generally spawns in places where other mushrooms do.

This includes swampy areas near water, forests and in between trees. It’s easier to find it in between normal mushroom patches.

You can spawn hundreds of mushrooms in the creative mode, and keep at it until a golden mushroom shows up.

While this can easily become a tedious and time-consuming job, finding one in the Battle Royale mode might simply prove impossible.

the OrangeGuy YouTube account has posted a video guide on spawning golden mushrooms on your own island in the Fortnite creative mode. Further, to try out the golden mushroom, you can use his island code.

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