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Free Fire Advance Server OB34 Rolls out new Features – Character, Finn Pet, and More



Free Fire Advance Server OB34 Rolls out new Features - Character, Finn Pet, and More

Free Fire Advance Server OB34 Rolls out new Features: Free Fire Advance Server OB34 has finally come out with lots of new features and changes have been added to the game. The gamer can download the client of Advance Server from its website if they managed to get an activation code.

Free Fire Advance Server OB34 New Features:

New Mystery Character: similar to the OB patch, OB34 Advance Server has brought a new character. An active ability called SenseShockwave, summons a drone and launches it towards the nearest enemy within 100 meters. Players need to face the direction of the target to launch the drone. Overall, the new character would be pretty strong in a rusher build.

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New pet Finn: Finn is the newest pet in Free Fire OB34. It looks like a shark and comes with a skill named “Dash Splash”. With the pet equipped, players and their teammates would gain a small boost in movement speed every time a player is knocked down in the 20 meters vicinity. The buff lasts for 5 seconds at max level and has a cooldown of 90.

New sniper rifle M24: M24 is a new sniper rifle with high mobility and a fast fire rate. It is going to be a viable option for long-range fights, replacing the AWM. Chipping away at opponents using this gun is actually pretty deadly.

Character buffs and nerfs:

Xayne: Xtreme Encounter provides 150 HP instead of its current 80 HP, and the bonus damage to gloo walls and shields also increases from 80% to 100%. The duration of the skill is reduced by a whopping 50%, however, down to 10 from 15.

Nairi: Nairi’s bonus damage to Gloo Walls has been buffed by 10% at all levels. With the other aspects unchanged, this is just a slight nerf that does not affect Nairi’s performance at all.

Kenta: Kenta’s shield now blocks 65% damage instead of 50%. The duration of the shield also increases by 2 seconds, with its cooldown reduced by half. The character has been underpowered since his release, and these buffs do not change his power level much.

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Skyler: Skyler, one of the most popular characters in the game so far, has received a big nerf to his cooldown. The first level is set at 85 seconds rather than the current threshold of 60 seconds. Overall, while this does not change how the character operates, players need to calculate more now instead of just spamming their ability in every fight.

Chrono: After the huge number of nerfs in previous patches, Chrono finally gets some cooldown buff. However, the 20-second CD reduction does not fix his shield’s weakness at all.

Steffie: Painted Refuge’s rework in the previous patch made the skill a perfect choice for support in Free Fire. Looks like Garena wants to boost the support role, as the skill has received a slight buff in OB34. With a 30 seconds reduction in cooldown at all levels, the ability should be a top pick now.

Alok: Alok’s Drop the Beat now has a higher cooldown at low levels. This means players need to max it to have the same cooldown as the OB33 version. Overall, this is a fair enough nerf to the skill, as it has been too popular for years now.

Misha: Her passive now provide less speed and damage reduction. The character is nowhere near as powerful now and is definitely not worth picking.

Bomb Squad 5v5 – Ranked

Garena has decided to add the classic competitive FPS mode into Free Fire permanently. The Bomb Squad mode would be ranked from OB34 onwards, with a brand new map called El Pastelo. It has plenty of buildings and corners to help players approach the game mode tactically.

Similar to the bomb defusal mode in most shooters, Bomb Squad features two teams – Attackers and Defender.

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