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Free Fire Advance Server OB36 to Bring Tatsuya and Luna Charachters



Free Fire Advance Server OB36 to Bring Tatsuya and Luna Charachters

Free Fire Advance Server OB36 to Unveil Tatsuya and Luna Characters: Free Fire OB36 will be launched the last week of September. Geran Free Fire has announced the OB36 Advance Server.

In this new update, Free Fire will bring two new characters named Luna and Tatsuya.

Tatsuya character:

As per the officials, the image has revealed. and Tatsuya’s ability is called Rable Rush. Overall, this “burst movement” skill would open up a lot of options in close-range fights. With the explosive speed, players should be able to throw off the aim of their foes. However, it is yet to be seen if the skill is effective in actual combat.

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Luna Character:

The female character appears from an affluent background. The ability is a passive called Fight or Run which increases her fire rate and movement speed.

Overall, the ability is fairly powerful as it increases the DPS of your character directly. There haven’t been any skills in Free Fire that increase the fire rate of weapons before. On top of that, the skill is passive and is suitable for pretty much all combos – this character is going to be super popular.

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Corrosion Grenade:

A new item that serves as a counter to Gloo walls. After the explosion, the Corrosion Grenade creates an acid area that damages all Gloo walls in the radius until they break down.

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