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Free Fire: How to Get Cheap and Free Diamond in Free Fire



How to Get Cheap and Free Diamond in Free Fire

Free Fire: In Free Fire, players can hardly proceed in the game without using the in-game currency. It is an essential means that lets players get an extensive collection of items like characters, collectibles, pets, and others.

For some users, diamonds in Free Fire are indeed expensive, which urges them to find more financially efficient ways to obtain this premium currency. In fact, they can also use free alternatives for the same purpose.

Players of Free Fire can wait to join various events such as the Less is More or 100% Top Up bonus to obtain comparatively saving diamonds.

Considering how inexpensive they are, these events do not occur frequently and are added to the game on special occasions.

However, there is one way that you can make the most of it. Memberships can help you collect diamonds at a lower price. Check out the prices and perks of each member as follow:

Weekly Membership: INR 159 – Check out this info to see whether this package is suitable for you:

450 diamonds in total (100 instantly and 50 days for the next 7 days): Each diamond costs 0.353 INR.

The price of other rewards is 425 diamonds, you can also get an EP badge.

Monthly Membership: INR 799

2600 diamonds in total (500 instantly and 70 for the next 30 days): Each diamond costs 0.307 INR.

Other rewards cost 3550 diamonds, you can also get 60 EP badges and a gun skin for 1 month.

The memberships are considered more cost-effective than the popular 100% diamond top-up. However, the setback is you need to wait for 30 days to collect every diamond.

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire

Getting diamonds without a cost requires some effort and time. In fact, there are 3 ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire.

Other than special events that give away free diamonds, players can report bugs in Advance Server for rewards.

You can also use the help of applications like Google Opinion Rewards.

This specific application has over 50 million installations on the Google Play Store so it is quite trustworthy.

Free Fire players have to set their profile up on the app and answer several surveys to get the essential Google Play credits and get diamonds in the game.

It might be an obstacle to directly get credits for the top up. That is why you should anticipate Special Airdrops because they are up for grabs with lower costs and more value.


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