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Free Fire MAX Best Graphics Setting for Low-End Device: Complete Guide



Free Fire MAX Best Graphics Setting for Low-End Device

Free Fire MAX Best Graphics Setting for Low-End Device: Free Fire MAX is an extended version of Garena Free Fire. There is higher-quality graphics available in Free Fire MAX after a ban of the normal Free Fire in India.

Here we are going to showcase Free Fire MAX graphics setting complete guide 2022. Read more – Best SMGs in Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) 2022

Best Graphics Setting in Free Fire MAX:

Custom HUD: As Free Fire is a reaction-based shooter and an optimized HUD allows one to react faster.

Gamer can resize buttons and change location.

They can enable options like Rapid Switch and Quick Reload in the controls area.

Graphics: There are 4 options for Graphics: Smooth, Standard, Ultra, and MAX. Overall, players should just go for the highest option then tune down until they reach a satisfying level.

It is best to stick with smooth, even if your device is high-end. It allows the phone to keep good performance up for a longer period of time.

High Res and Shadow should be turned off to squeeze out as much performance as possible. To make the game look more natural, players can choose between several available filters such as Bright, Vivid, and Ocean.

Best Sensitivity Settings in Free Fire MAX 2022:

In a shooter that requires precise aiming like Free Fire MAX, the right sensitivity is needed for players to be effective in combat. High-end devices that can load faster generally want higher sensitivity while scoped while low ends need the opposite.

SettingsFunctionLow-End Devices (up to 3 GB RAM)High-End Devices (4 GB +)
GeneralControls the pace of screen movement in both X and Y axis.10090
Red dotControls the speed with which the scope rotates when shooting down at a target.9590
2xDetermines the rate of movement of 2x scope7085
4xDetermines the rate of movement of 4x scope7080
SniperDetermines the rate of movement of Sniper scope8090-95
Free lookDetermines the movement of Free look icon (the recently added rotatory view feature)6050

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