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Free Fire MAX: How to Increase Level Rapidly in Free Fire, Check 5 Tips & Tricks



How to Increase Level Rapidly in Free Fire, Check 5 Tips & Tricks

Free Fire MAX: How to Increase Level Rapidly in Free Fire:- Free Fire is the most popular battle royal game, and to identify any players with the help of their Level. So, Level is the key value that shows players how professional and experienced in Free Fire MAX.

Basically, The level is calculated based on the experience points (EXP). Free Fire Developer has mentioned each level has a specific EXP.

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Although it is very long and tough process as EXP is only rewarded after playing matches, and to get more, the performance must be decent in each match.

Here are Tips & Tricks to boost their Level in Free Fire MAX:

Use EXP Booster Cards:

It is very helpful for boosting the level. the cards provide an additional EXp, which is a certain fraction of the EXP obtained after finishing a match.

Two Type of boosting cards, the first is a double EXP card that speeds up the EXP by 100% and the other is 50% EXP card.

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Players can get by exchange for 100 diamonds and the latter is obtainable by check-ins every Tuesday if the player is a part of an active guild.

Survive Till the End of the Every Match:

To increase level, players can just keep moving around in the battlegrounds passively to speed up their survival time. Players must survive unless they lose the match. Also, try to avoid early elimination as much as possible.

The Medkit Trick in Damage Zones:

All players need to do is land on the edges of the map and pile up as many medkits as they can. Once the medkits are sufficient (10-15 medkits) in the inventory, move towards an enemy-less area. i.e., in the damage zone. Use medkits in a timely manner to avoid getting eliminated earlier. Do this for as long as possible. Make sure you survive for at least 10-12 minutes. Finally, get abolished due to the zone.

Participate in Battle Royale Ranked Matches:

Gamers can play solo, duo or squad matches as per their preferences. Ranked matches give notably more EXP compared to that in Classic matches. Clash Squad matches can also be played. However, it may take quite a bit longer for the same increment in EXP.

Tackle Best Character Skills:

Characters like Alok, K, Skyler, Dimitri, Jota, etc., can be equipped before entering a match. Their character skills will help in sustaining health points (HP) throughout the match without the aid of medkits.

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