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Free Fire Max Milestone Rewards: How to Get Items



Free Fire Max Milestone Rewards: How to Get Items

The pre-registration phase for the title has opened globally just after the 4th-anniversary peak day, with 5 different milestone rewards based on the number of pre-registrations.

There are five different milestone rewards, similar to the other regions that Free Fire Max launched in.

  • Max Raychaser (Bottom) – 5 million users
  • 2x Gold Royale Voucher – 10 million users
  • Max Raychaser (Facepaint) – 15 million users
  • Cyber Max Skyboard – 20 million users
  • Max Raychaser (Head) – 30 million users
  • How to Get Free Fire Max Milestone Rewards

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To get Max Raychaser female bundle, players need to invite at least three friends. You can create 5 clone accounts that you can “invite” to the game. Just open up Gmail and create 5 more random accounts. This will solo mission.

The purpose of this mission is probably to ensure that Free Fire Max reaches the needed number of pre-registration.

  • One user – Max Raychaser (Shoes)
  • Two users – Max Raychaser (Mask)
  • Three users – Max Raychaser (Top)
  • Four users – Cyber Max Loot Box
  • Five users – 10x Diamond Royale Voucher

The top 50 players who invite the most users will win an exclusive male Max Raycatcher (Bundle). This is the grand prize of this event and is next to impossible to get if you are not an influential person in the community.


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