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Free Fire MAX: What Are The Best Shotguns in Free Fire MAX 2022



Free Fire MAX What Are The Best Shotguns in Free Fire MAX 2022

Free Fire MAX: Shotguns have high damage per bulletin close combat. Players can down their opponents in one shot due to high damage.

Due to their high damage per bullet – you can just go around one-shotting people with a headshot.

Currently, there are five shotguns in the game, with the newest being the futuristic “Charge Buster” weapon.

What Are The Best Shotguns in Free Fire MAX 2022?


M1887 is one of the oldest shotguns in Free Fire Max. There was an awe of this gun among the players a year ago before its abilities were reduced. After that, it’s quite difficult to take down an enemy with its single shot.

Charge Buster:

The best and most powerful Shotgun title is captured by Charge Buster in Free Fire MAX. The gun comes with special features like holding its fire button will increase damage and range. However, it’s not an option to hold the button continuously because when changes surpass it will automatically reset.


The MAG-7 was created as a CQC weapon, combining aspects of a pump-action shotgun and a submachine gun. The version of the gun in Free Fire has a shorter barrel, which leads to a bigger spread.


M1014 is a short-range limited shotgun in Free Fire Max. Players need to do dedicated practice to use this shotgun-like professional. A CS ranked match can be the perfect place for it to be played in.


The SPAS12 was actually quite popular before it got nerfed to the ground by Garena. It was once used to counter the M1014 because it has a high range and accuracy but then Garena nerfed both, making it really weak.

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