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Free Fire OB32: Top 5 Active Skills for Rushers



Free Fire OB32 Top 5 Active Skills for Rushers

Free Fire Top 5 Skills: Free Fire’s skill system is different from others like BGMI or CoD Mobile. In Free Fire, Players can customize their character with a set of 1 active and 3 passive skills, in order to match their own play styles.

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Below are Free Fire Top 5 Skills:


One of the suitable characters in Free Fire ever since his release. After activating Drop the beat would create an aura of healing and movement speed that affect all teammates in the radius.


The name popular for Most META characters in Free Fire at the moment. After activating, players can destroy or damage up to 5 gloo walls in the area, while gaining some HP regeneration in the process. As gloo walls are one of the most important tools in the endgame, being able to heavily damage or destroy them would give you and your team a huge advantage. Free Fire OB32 Update: Release date and Maintenance Schedule


Xayne’s ability is super powerful – it temporarily boosts your HP by 80 instantly and gives you a 100% bonus damage on gloo walls. By activating Xtreme Encounter at the right moment, you should be able to burst through enemies’ cover and win the aim duel.

After the effect runs out, the user would lose 80 HP instantly, which might allow enemies to finish them off. The cooldown of Xayne’s skill is also super high so you need to wait for the right moment to activate it.


Dimitri is probably the best character released in 2021. Similar to Alok, he is also based on a DJ, and his skill is also a healing aura. However, unlike Alok, his ability has more defensive uses than offensive – players who are under the effect of Dimitri’s healing heartbeat can self-recover to get up.


Ever since Wukong’s ability was buffed to have a refreshable cooldown upon kills, the character has become super popular amongst Free Fire rushers. By activating the skill, players can set a trap for enemies, slowly flanking their positions

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