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Free Fire OB32 Update: Release date and Maintenance Schedule



Free Fire OB32 Update Release date and Maintenance Schedule

Free Fire OB32 Update: Garena Free Fire updates every two months and Developer always bring new character, pets, and even game modes.

Free Fire Developer will fic the bug and increase charcter ability. Developer introduces various exciting feature in OB32. The advance Server for the upcoming OB32 update is live and will close on January 13, 2022.

The developer have released a major update on the day of completion of the Clash Squad Ranked Season.

The Clash Squad Ranked Season will come to a conclusion on January 20, 2022. Hence, players can expect the OB32 update to be rolled out on January 19 or 20.

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The exact time of release of the OB32 update can be expected to be around 10:30 AM IST. The arrival also depends on the device the players are using.

Free Fire OB32 Update Maintenance Time:

The Free Fire server will down for maintenance lasts for about nine hours on the day the udpate arrives.

Since the maintenance time for the OB31 update ranged from 9:30 AM IST to 6:30 PM IST. The same time frame can be expected in case of the OB32 update.

Free Fire OB32 Leaks: New Turtle Pet Who Can Reduce Incoming From The Back

Free Fire OB32 update expected release date

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