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Free Fire: Top 5 Most Useful Pets in Free Fire Max 2022



Top 5 Most Useful Pets in Free Fire Max 2022

Top 5 Most Useful Pets in Free Fire Max 2022: Free Fire MAX not only has unique characters but pets with special skills as well. While the effects of their skills are not as strong, there are some effects that only pets have.

To boost the character’s ability and gain better results in Battle Royale and Clash Squad matches, players often use these pets. Read more – How to transfer PUBG Mobile Data: Complete Guide

Top 5 Most Useful Pets in Free Fire Max 2022

1. Mr. Waggor:

Mr. Waggor is a penguin pet with the ability that gives you a Gloo Wall every 100 seconds when you have less than 2 Gloo Grenades in your inventory. Mr. Waggor is especially strong in Squad mode as you can just give your Gloo Wall Grenade to teammates so that the pet can generate more.

2. Falco:

The best pets in squad mode and even solo mode. It allows you to land before enemies by increasing your gliding and diving speed. All aggressive characters could definitely make use of that head start.

3. Flash:

Flash is the latest pet in Free Fire MAX and can be acquired for free via the current Top Up event (until 3 March 2022). The pet has the ability, Steel Shell, with a cooldown time that ranges from 150 to 90 seconds. The ability reduces the damage taken from behind by 10% up to a maximum of 25%.

4. Robo:

Robo is the best pet that can be used against characters like Skyler and Xayne. With its ability, Wall Enforcement, it adds a shield to the gloo wall. The pet also helps with recovering 60 HP at the minimum level and 100 HP at the maximum level.

5. Agent Hop:

Agent Hop’s ability restores your EP every time the Safe Zone shrinks. While his ability seems week at first glance, Agent Hop is actually a pretty solid pet. Each match, the safe zone will shrink about 4 to 5 times on average, which means you can get about 200 EP to 250 EP.

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