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Garena Free Fire Gun: 5 Most Assault Rifles with Highest Damage



Garena Free Fire Gun 5 Most Assault Rifles with Highest Damage

Free Fire Assault Rifles: Garena Free Fire, finding the right sun can be a typical and challenging task for players. Pick the right gun is essential in shooting, As the result of the match in Free Fire primarily depends upon the player’s skill, weapon, and luck.

The damage rate, range, and magazine size of a gun are also factored in to pick the right gun. Assault rifles are the most preferred weapons in Free Fire.

5 Most Free Fire Assault Rifles with Highest Damage:


Groza is probably the best assault rifle in Free Fire. The gun is only available via airdrops, making it a very risky affair. The Groza has a higher rate of fire than the AK, allowing players to deal more damage.

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The AN94 has a decent rate with good movement speed, making it a great option for close-range and mid-range combat. If players are looking for deal higher damage then players need to check another gun.


With great accuracy and highest effective range in the game, which allows most players to deal decent damage.

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Low accuracy is the AK’s major demerit, generally making players look for better AR options in Free Fire. They should be able to out damage most enemies in medium to long-range flights.


Its stats are top tier now, with decent fire rare, damage, accuracy, and movement speed. The AUG also comes pre-attached with an X2 scope, which allows players to enter combat immediately.

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