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Garena Free Fire Tip & Tricks: How To Catch Enemies Off Guard



Garena Free Fire Tip & Tricks: How To Catch Enemies Off Guard

Players, who shoots first gets the advantage, and If managed to catch opponent off-guard. The chance to kill would be much higher, even having a weapon like pistol.

Here, we are listing out the top 5 tips and tricks to catch your enemies off guard in Free Fire.

Good initiative: Land as soon as possible, Do not waste time dawdle around. Grab the nearest weapon as fast as possible.

Scout your surroundings: Only by scouting could you avoid enemy ambushes. If you are going to move around a corner, it is best to wait behind a wall and look beyond it using the third person perspective first. Scopes are also really useful for this purpose – you can use them to scout much further than usual.

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Don’t hesitate to run away: If you failed to kill your enemies in the first few shots and they are firing back, it might be a good idea to retreat. In a 1 vs 1 firefight, it could go either way and that is a risk you should not take.

Use vantage points: The high ground would give you unrestricted vision over covers – enemies would no longer be able to use covers to hide from your attacks. You can also avoid attacks by crouch or prone – your profile on the high ground would be smaller and harder to hit.

Listen to the sound around you: If you are able to pick this up with your headphone. It is possible to detect the general location of your foes and deal with them appropriately.

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