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GTA Playing Cards Locations: All 54 Hidden Casino Cards and get the High Roller outfit



GTA Playing Cards Locations: All 54 Hidden Casino Cards and get the High Roller outfit


54 GTA Playing Cards that appeared as part of the GTA casino update can be challenging little blighters to track down. If GTA Casino location is only the beginning of your latest San Andress adventure. Claiming all the hidden GTA 5 playing cards will take you far and wide, but each one is worth it as they reward RP.

Coins with which you can use in the Diamond. 54 hidden playing cards have bee scattered across the map for players to find. GTA Online Playing cards, for starters you will be earn RP and some casino chips for each one you find, to give you a bit of pin money to play with on the slots or table games.

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In the maps shows the locations for all 54 GTA Online cards, which you should click on to expand and make it easier to follow. We will have full details for each playing card location shortly to help you to track them down.

The 54 Hidden GTA Playing Cards Locations

  • At the big chess board in Vinewood near West Eclipse.
  • At the movie studio on the wall by the hotdog stand.
  • On the shelf in this building in Rockford Hills.
  • On the safe in this convenience store in Richmen Glen.
  • Near the Casino on a red toolbox.
  • On a bench at the train station by Heli Tours.
  • At the plaza in downtown Vinewood.
  • On top of a little TV in the back of the El Burro Heights Tattoo shop.
  • On a coffee table in the changing area of a clothing store.
  • In the back of the liquor store by the highway on a shelf.
  • At the Ammu-Nation near Simeon’s on a table.
  • At the strip club in a booth on a couch.
  • On a glass table in Pacific Standard Bank.
  • In a bus in a vehicle warehouse in La Mesa.
  • In the Davis Fire Station on a shelf.
  • At the hair salon by the beach on a table.
  • In a guard station in the arena parking lot.
  • In the tattoo parlor on the shelf behind the counter.
  • On a coach in this garage in Rockford Hills.
  • At the very end of the pier near the gift stand.
  • At the beach gym on a workout bench.
  • On a chair in the airport.
  • At the Ammu-Nation located here on a table with a book.
  • At the docks on a bench.
  • Inside this shed in Vinewood Hills on a red toolbox.
  • Outside the hardware shop on a table.

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  • Inside the shop on top of a safe in the back.
  • At the Raton Canyon Lookout Post above the train track.
  • On a red toolbox at this spot in the Grand Senora Desert.
  • At the pier in the top-left of the map near the wooden stairs.
  • At this spot in Paleto Bay on a window sill.
  • Here on a wooden deck.
  • At this camping area between three tents.
  • On a small, wooden structure in the Grand Senora Desert.
  • On a picnic table near Mount Chiliad and Paleto.
  • In the back of the clothing store near the military base.
  • At this spot in a booth
  • In Stab City on top a speaker in the stage setup
  • On top of the L outside the Rebel Radio Station building.
  • On a washing machine outside the YouTool hardware store.
  • In the Sandy Shores Fire Station on top of a toolbox.
  • On top of a ping pong table at Alamo Sea.
  • In the back of the Grapeseed convenience store on a table.
  • On a table in Grapeseed at the Park View Diner.
  • On the window sill of a blue house in Cape Catfish.
  • Inside the Ammu-Nation close to the highway on a desk.
  • On a desk in the Grapeseed airfield hangar
  • Across from the Paleto Bay tattoo parlor atop an ATM.
  • Near the Observatory bathrooms in Vinewood Hills.
  • On the right side of the map on a railing.
  • At Pay n Spray at Paleto Bay on a desk in the back.
  • On the pool table in the bar of the Senora Desert.
  • Behind a yellow house in Flatwood Hills on a ping pong table.

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